Gerken was formed in 1936 by Hubert Gerken with a handful of employees manufacturing carbon brushes.  Today, the third generation of the same family owns and manages the Gerken Group,  directly employing over 250 people globally.


Through our companies, affiliates and representatives, we can call on manufacturing operations across Europe; North & South America; Asia; Australia; Middle East and Africa supported by a fully integrated supply chain.


Our main manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Czech Republic, France and Germany produce a huge range of electrical carbon and machined graphite products.  In our key markets of rail, industry and wind energy, we are leading suppliers of carbon brushes, pantograph carbon strips, earthing units, brush-holders and graphite components for handling molten metal and glass.


With development, production and access to carbon materials from Belgium, USA and Germany, we are uniquely placed to offer a choice of grades for every application - no matter how demanding.


Research and development is centred on Gerken SA in Belgium, Gerken SAS in France and Pantrac in Germany.


In France, we have invested in test facilities designed to replicate, as closely as possible, the extreme environmental conditions our carbon brushes can operate under in wind turbine applications.


Our vision and philosophy are clear.  We are totally focused on carbon and graphite products and we are always interested to talk to potential representatives who share our vision to be the leaders in this field. 






Gerken SA, Belgium

Gerken SA, Belgium



Gerken SAS, France

Gerken SAS, France

Pantrac, Germany

Pantrac, Germany


CZ Carbon, Czech republic