Dear Partners, collaborators and customers,

During the 12 years joint venture involvement in E-Carbon SA by Helwig carbon products, the
synergies with the partnering companies and Helwig did not develop as had been expected; Helwig therefore decided to exit, allowing Gerken to continue alone the company’s growth.

E-Carbon SA is the owner of the companies Pantrac in Germany and CZ Carbon in Czech Republic as well as Topaz real estate Germany (the real estate where Pantrac is located).

GERKEN remains shareholder and partner with HELWIG in E-Carbon America; and will continue to pursue the growth of E–Carbon America products in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

GERKEN is now the sole owner of E-Carbon SA and fully committed to grow the business and secure all employees of the group.

Its international structure and networks remains unchanged and is expected to grow and continue to comfort its position as a leading independent company in the world of electrical carbon.

We remain convinced that our partnership with you will continue to grow in time and look forward to seeing you very soon.

Best Regards,

Leopold Gerken

Pascal Gerken

Frederic Gerken